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Day Games Handicap Tips Score Verdict
27/05/18 Sisaket FC vs Ang Thong FC 0 : 3/4 - - -
26/05/18 FF Jaro vs AC Kajaani 0 : 3/4 FF Jaro 5-0 W
25/05/18 Athlone Town vs Longford Town 2 1/4 : 0 Athlone Town 1-1 W
25/05/18 Estudiantes vs Nacional 0 : 1/2 Estudiantes 3-1 W
24/05/18 Gremio vs Defensor Sporting 0 : 1 1/2 Defensor Sporting 1-0 W
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Day Games Handicap Tips Score Verdict
27/05/18 IK Oddevold vs Lunds BK 0 : 3/4 - - -
26/05/18 Bohemians 1905 vs Sparta Prague 3/4 : 0 Bohemians 1905 0-0 W
25/05/18 Galway United FC vs Drogheda United 0 : 1/4 Drogheda United 0-1 W
24/05/18 Virtus Entella vs Ascoli Picchio FC 1898 0 : 1/4 Ascoli Picchio FC 1898 0-0 W
24/05/18 Bahia vs Blooming 0 : 1 3/4 Bahia 4-0 W
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